Why Choose Baker Construction?

We’ve built our business in the same way we build roofs… by appreciating and attending to the long term goals and needs of the people we serve.

Your roof is an integral and vital part of your property.

Replacing it is in many ways like having surgery. The care and concern, or lack thereof, that go into the installation will be reflected for many years to come. Throughout the entire process and throughout its useful life, our desire is for our clients to know that we performed the work with their best interests in mind.

Using the best, most expensive materials is no substitute for the conscientious craftsmanship that a professional, experienced partner like Baker Construction provides. We believe in paying attention to details that other contractors deem unnecessary and intrusive to their bottom line. We tell you what we are going to do, how and when we will do the work, and we openly communicate with you during the entire process.

Why do we pay such careful attention to detail?

Because the next time we see you at the gas station, or one of your friends need a roof, we want to you to smile and enthusiastically remember your experience with us.

We are in business to prosper and while earning a living is certainly a part of business, the true rewards come from building long term relationships with our customers. Our relationship with you after your project is complete, is worth far more to us than any individual project.

The satisfaction that we receive from a job well done is priceless.