How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

Making the decision to invest in a new roof is a small project in and of itself. The most common approach to any construction project is to get at least three or more bids, compare and contrast the details and then try to evaluate the cost against the value/benefit received before selecting a contractor.

While this has been an effective method in many past scenarios, we think there’s better way to approach and consider your new roof project and it all starts with an informed perspective and your empowerment to make educated, effective decisions.

When the time comes for you to invest in a new roof, there are three questions you will want to answer.

Unfortunately, most consumers consider them in the following order…

1. What materials are right for your taste and budget?
What’s available? What’s allowable? What’s reasonable?

2. How will you fund your project?
Will you pay out of pocket? Or, will you seek assistance/relief from your insurance carrier?

3. Who will you choose to install your new roof?
This question actually has more impact on how you answer the first two questions than both of their combined effect on this question.

The reason most folks ask/answer the third question last is because they aren’t able to objectively differentiate the role and value of the contractor from the materials used and the price charged.

When you’re ready to invest in a new roof, we would love to help you investigate and understand the process, even if you don’t choose us.

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Did you know that most contractors have access to the same suppliers for materials?
On any average job, the difference in material costs between large and small contractors is usually less than 3% of the total cost of the project, assuming each contractor uses the exact same materials.