Do you see any damage?

From the ground, it looked just like a normal roof . . .

but would you believe there was enough damage that the insurance company bought a whole new roof?

That’s right, a whole new roof!

There are different types of damage that a storm can exact on your roof . . . and not all of them are visible from the ground, the most common of which is called “Wind Lift”.  Wind lift occurs when the wind blows the shingles so hard that they break on the underside (but don’t tear) and then lay back down so you can’t see the damage without a physical inspection.

Many homes still have damage from recent storms but the homeowners are completely unaware.  If your insurance company was willing to replace your damaged roof . . . . wouldn’t you want to know?

The only way to know is to get on the roof and perform an inspection.  We work with insurance carriers and storm damaged roofs all the time and many of our customers are not aware that they have a legitimately covered claim until we investigate.

Don’t miss out on a benefit that already belongs to you, we can let you know right away if we think your roof has insurance covered damage.  Just like with any other major asset, inspections and maintenance are critical to maximizing the long term value and performance of your roof . . .

Give us a call today for a FREE, No-Obligation Inspection!

Here is the after picture!

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